Lowell on CNBC: Impeachment Process and Market Volatility

Lowell on CNBC: Impeachment Process and Market Volatility

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell joined CNBC’s “Street Signs” to discuss the presidential impeachment inquiry’s potential impact on stock market volatility. Jim emphasized that although the proceedings may dominate short-term headlines, our economy’s long-term fundamentals will likely remain unchanged. Jim remarked, “I think this will be a nervous time to be an investor but if you’re disciplined it could also be a great time to add some of your best ideas at discounted prices … You stay vigilant. You stay focused on your long-term investment goals while also safeguarding your shorter-term income needs.” Jim further emphasized, “We think that making sure you have your buffers in place—having actively managed bonds and even cash reserves makes good sense even if you’re a growth investor … We think those buffers will play a measurable role in smoothing some of what we expect will be heightened volatility and enable you to stay the investment course.”

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