Lowell on CNBC: Dow on Pace for Worst Week of 2019

Lowell on CNBC: Perspective on Dow’s 800-Point Drop

Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” to share his perspective on the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 800-point drop on August 14, 2019. Although that 3% pullback marks the index’s greatest point decline this year and the fourth-largest of all time, Jim noted that investors should be making sure that their short-term income needs are met and that their long-term goals haven’t changed in what he thinks will continue to be a “momentum-driven market with a lot of volatility.” Jim also emphasized that the investing environment will remain challenging “not just for nerves, but also for those of us who take our task seriously and put shareholder interests first.”

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