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Compensation: Strange Bedfellows, Indeed

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13 states are protesting Vanguard Group’s support of cleaner energy to fight climate change

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Adviser Investments Recruits Envestnet’s Chief Strategist

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Envestnet Chief Strategist Jumps to $8B RIA

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Envestnet Loses its Chief Investment Strategist

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Adviser Investments hires top Envestnet gatekeeper as CIO

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There were so many good reasons for Vanguard to fold its first ETF but radical underperformance may stand out for the ‘illiquidity’ fund

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Vanguard to liquidate factor ETF

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Vanguard sends up the white flag on struggling factor-based strategy

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For the First Time, Vanguard Jumps Ship on an ETF

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Vanguard Adds In-House PM to Wellington-Managed Products

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New Vanguard Account Fees Will Raise Costs for Some of Its Most Loyal Customers

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Vanguard’s New Fee to Drive Clients to Brokerage Platform

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