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Wiener’s Barron’s Roundtable: Our Active Management Conviction

At Adviser Investments, we’ve been “eating our own cooking” for more than 25 years, investing in the same funds as our clients. Chairman Dan Wiener outlined our approach and his views on what’s going on in the markets in a Barron’s roundtable on Fox Business recently. In the segment, Dan discusses his conviction in the active managers we invest with, how investors can deal with exogenous events that impact the markets, the merits of the health care sector and the role of small- and mid-cap foreign investments in a diversified portfolio.

Amid economic unknowns and epidemiological uncertainties, Dan illustrates how we’re continuing to stick with our investment discipline and pursuing long-term growth opportunities for our valued clients, and notes that the very same strategies and funds are found in our company’s retirement plan—just one of the ways we keep our interests aligned with our clients’.

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