Health Care Allocation in Client Portfolios

Health Care Allocation in Client Portfolios

In October, health care stocks shook off some of their politically hobbled 2019 underperformance. Despite the sector’s disappointing performance this year, Equity Research Analyst Kate Austin explained why we’ll continue to overweight health care in our recent quarterly webinar*: Investing Through Impeachments and Trade Wars.

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Kate Austin: Here at Adviser Investments, we really like the health care sector for a number of reasons, even though it’s come under some pressure this year. So there’s a number of tailwinds that make health care a very attractive sector really no matter what. There’s something that we call demograyphics™. And by that we really mean that the world’s populations are living longer and getting not only more, but also better access to health care. We’re also getting a growing middle class globally, and there will be more available dollars to spend on health care. Both of these long-term trends bode very well for the health care sector, domestically and abroad.

Kate Austin: And really another long-term tailwind is the continued innovation across the category, especially in medical devices and pharma.

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* Webinar recorded after the market closed on October 30, 2019.

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