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High-Asset Divorce Financial Planning Resources in ONE Location

High-Net-Worth Divorce Resources

Surveys show divorce ranked as the second most stressful life event, just behind the death of a spouse. And there are unique challenges in a high-net-worth divorce.

As you prepare for your divorce, it’s critical you build a strong support structure, including surrounding yourself with individuals who listen and offer helpful guidance when asked.

Close friends, a capable divorce attorney and financial advisor are key members to include on your support team.

To help you make smart and tax-efficient financial decisions, we’ve created several divorce financial planning posts and a podcast, summarized below. While each post is informative, reading the first three will help you understand how to pick your divorce team and prioritize pressing steps to take.

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Consult With a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Practitioner

For high-asset divorces, it’s critical to consult with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Trained in the field of pre-divorce financial planning, a CDFA® practitioner possesses the knowledge to help you value and divide your assets, such as retirement assets, pensions and splitting the family home.

A CDFA® practitioner also helps you navigate challenging divorce tax complications and can provide expert witness testimony.

Meet Diana Linn, CFP®, CDFA®

Finding the Right High-Net-Worth Divorce Lawyer for You: Costs & Traits

A great high-net-worth divorce lawyer is skilled at establishing a smooth divorce process and getting you a fair share of your household’s assets. Also, the elite lawyers are astute at divorce court proceedings in case you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement and need a judge’s ruling. Learn what traits skilled divorce lawyers possess and how much they cost.

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Divorce Checklist & Financial Solutions for High-Net-Worth Marriages

The divorce process can be emotionally and financially daunting, especially after a long marriage. The more time you and your spouse have been together, the more assets and debt you’ve likely accumulated.

Our divorce checklist provides financial solutions and steps to help you untangle yourself financially from your spouse and reestablish your financial independence.

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Tip: Divorce can impact your Social Security benefits, and an ex-spouse’s death may enable you to collect survivor benefits. To understand your options, read more: Social Security Resources in ONE Location.

High-Asset Divorces: Ins and Outs

High-asset divorces are often financially complicated due to the complexity and composition of the assets, like business ownership, executive pay, multiple properties, offshore investments, trusts and more.

Longtime marriages also add to the complexity, since you’ve had years to acquire more assets and debts. Move smoothly through your divorce, understand how to plan and prepare.

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Tip: Once your initial separation is legal, it’s critical to update your estate planning documents. Understand what’s involved by reading our post: Estate Planning Resources in ONE Location.

Dealing With Divorce—Taking the First Financial Steps

Divorce is a crossroad no one sets out to reach, but nearly half of all married couples in the U.S. face it during their lifetimes. Whether it ends up being a wake-up call or a relief, when you get to the point where divorce is inevitable, it can be overwhelming.

How do you split a shared life in two? Start with these three activities (and avoid doing this one activity).

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Dividing Assets During a High-Net-Worth Divorce

After years of marriage it’s likely your household has acquired many assets, like multiple homes, bank and retirement accounts, fine art, jewelry, vehicles and more.

The first step in untangling yourself from your spouse is to inventory your assets and divide them. Read more to understand what’s involved, including distinguishing between separate and marital property.

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Next Steps in a High-Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is emotionally and financially difficult. What’s more, high-net-worth divorces generally take longer due to their financial complexity.

To get through this challenging time, surround yourself with competent and kind friends and professionals. We’ve worked with many experienced divorce attorneys, and are happy to make an introduction.

If you’re contemplating or in the throes of a high-net-worth divorce and need help navigating the financial complexities, contact Adviser Investments anytime for assistance. We pride ourselves on being The Planner You Can Talk To.

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Divorce is not the end – It’s a new beginning

Our financial planners discuss their experiences helping clients navigate the challenges of divorce and adjust to new financial realities during our podcast: Dealing With Divorce—How to Financially Survive (and Thrive).

This practical, wide-ranging conversation uses real-world examples to shed light on three focal themes, including having a budget and asking yourself: What do I own and how do I protect myself and my family?

If you’re a breadwinner, co-breadwinner or non-earner in the throes of a high-net-worth divorce and need help navigating the financial complexities, contact Adviser Investments anytime for assistance.

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