Mutual Fund Money Management

Portfolios Tailored to Your Goals

Adviser Investments offers a variety of portfolio management and investment options. We customize your investment portfolio to ensure it's a good fit for your circumstances today, and as they evolve over time.

Managed Mutual Fund/ETF Portfolios ($350,000 minimum)
It's difficult to duplicate the liquidity and diversification benefits of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). For many investors, we recommend a solid core of low-cost funds, as well as ETFs. A typical managed portfolio includes 10-15 funds and/or ETFs representing a diverse mix of investment styles, industries and geographic regions. As market conditions change, your own circumstances evolve, or better investment opportunities are identified, we adjust your portfolio as necessary. If you are interested in institutional-quality portfolio management at retail prices, a managed mutual fund/ETF portfolio may be the right choice for you.

Individual Bond Portfolios ($500,000 minimum)
Individual bonds provide a steady stream of income and a high degree of flexibility. Chris Keith, our "bond guy," builds individual bond strategies using a structured maturity schedule that can be customized to your income needs and risk tolerance. This strategy reduces the impact of interest rate fluctuations. When interest rates rise, we can reinvest portfolio proceeds regularly at higher yields. When rates decline, this strategy helps lock in higher rates on existing holdings.

Professional Portfolio Management for Your 401(k) Assets
With pension plans becoming increasingly rare, 401(k) assets are a critical part of many investors' retirement plans. Adviser Investments’ service provides portfolio management to help you grow and protect your 401(k) savings. We offer a variety of mutual fund portfolios for 401(k) plan participants, each targeted to a specific risk level ranging from conservative to aggressive.

We will help you choose an investment strategy that matches your goals and risk tolerance, and provide ongoing portfolio management services. This includes monitoring your mutual fund investments, executing trades and reporting. If your 401(k) plan sponsor does not currently offer the high-quality standard of service you deserve, please let us know.