Letter From the CEO: Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Letter From the CEO: Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 20, 2020

Adviser Investments’ President and CEO Dan Silver

I hope you’re safe and well.

I’m not writing about investment markets or the economy. Others from the firm will keep you well informed about those. (To that end, Chairman Dan Wiener and Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell recorded a special podcast Wednesday to give their perspectives; click here to listen in.)

Today, I want to check in and let you know how we’re dealing with the coronavirus outbreak at Adviser Investments.

Open for Business

Above all else, we are open for business. We are fortunate to have a forward-looking IT team who provides us with high-tech remote working capabilities. Our information and processes are online and accessible through the cloud and our team is seasoned and capable. We even have backup locations with generators and redundant capabilities, all to ensure we can operate on a business-as-usual basis and continue to field your communications and process your requests without interruption or delay.

An Adviser You Can Talk To

Sometimes in moments of uncertainty, it’s best to shut down the TV and talk to a trusted friend or confidant. In fact, if you ever felt like it’s hard to think straight through all the “noise” on television, it turns out you were right. Studies show too much emotional stimulation can crowd out the bandwidth necessary for reasoned decision-making.

We’re here to help. We can walk through any concerns you have and tie them back to your goals and objectives to make sure you’re still on track. You can even call just for a friendly voice and a little human contact.

We are accessible and have been proactively speaking with clients. I know that many of you have already spoken with your team at Adviser Investments over the last two weeks, but we’re always happy to hear how you’re doing and see if there’s anything we can do to help. Chances are that whatever you’re feeling, we’ve been there too. After all, we’re invested with the very same portfolio managers in the very same funds and strategies as you.

Future Opportunities

I want to be brief but also leave you with a few thoughts about innovation. So far, we’ve seen the short-term havoc the coronavirus can wreak on our health care and financial systems. What we haven’t seen yet is how the economy will respond longer term.

It’s unsettling as we rethink our assumptions about what it means to interact, work and connect with others. But today’s economic dislocation is also going to create huge opportunities. Amazon has already hired 100,000 new workers. Videoconferencing software, like Zoom, is coming of age. Netflix may finally take over the movies. And, of course, some of the most innovative biotechnology companies in the world are actively working on a vaccine.

We don’t know how the next few months will play out. But we do know the markets will recover, and we plan to participate as our portfolio managers seek opportunities and work to position us for a new era.

Thank you for your confidence and please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.


Dan Silver
President and CEO

For informational purposes only, not intended as an investment recommendation.

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