Adviser Cares: Women in Wealth Management Initiative

Adviser Cares: Self-Defense Training Night

April 30, 2019

Adviser Investments’ Women in Wealth Management Initiative and Building Health & Wealth group recently teamed up to host a self-defense training event for our female colleagues.

Two IMPACT safety training experts led us in an after-hours workshop that covered key tactics in conflict de-escalation, assertive communication and full-force self-defense.

Adviser Investments prioritizes the well-being and safety of all of its employees. We selected IMPACT for two reasons: Their commitment to maintaining a teaching environment with women in leadership roles and their fundamental belief that “everyone has the right to be safe and the ability to protect themselves.”

Through situational training and role-play exercises, our employees learned several critical communication and physical skills. This training supports IMPACT’s mission—a philosophy that Adviser Investments’ Women in Wealth Management Initiative exemplifies: “Personal and social change are possible when people experience the strength of their bodies and the power of their voices.”