A Message from Chairman Dan Wiener

A Message from Chairman Dan Wiener

by Daniel P. Wiener

Thank you! Twenty-eight years ago this week, on July 28, 1994, Adviser was incorporated. The goal from Day One was to provide our clients with the full range of wealth management services typically offered by large, white-shoe firms combined with the personal touches of a boutique. And our aim was to do so as a true fiduciary, free from the conflicts of interest that so many others in our business have fallen prey to.

In many ways, our team has succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. Our deep bench of financial planners and wealth managers are supported by an industrious back-office team and secure and efficient technology, an enormous step up from our early days when two IBM PCs, a fax machine and a laser printer constituted our “tech stack.”

As we embark on the next 28 years, I am confident that my Adviser colleagues are among the smartest, most diligent and hardest-working people in the wealth management business. I take tremendous pride in the fact that our company is regularly cited as a “best place to work in money management” and most importantly, that many of our client relationships have lasted for decades, even as we’ve continued to grow and expand.

I love working at Adviser and am thrilled by how far the Adviser team has come. I look forward to continuing to work side by side with that team as our expanding capabilities are brought to bear on helping you and your loved ones achieve your financial goals.

Again, thank you.

Dan Wiener
Founder & Chairman 

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