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Is It Time to Give Up Growth Stocks for Value?

With interest rates on the rise, is it time to focus on value and set growth aside? Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell looked at the ongoing growth vs. value debate between in our recent webinar, Diversification Is Dead…and Other Modern Myths.*

Please enjoy the excerpt below and click here for the full webinar replay with more informed insights you can use. 

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Jim Lowell:

Growth stocks or value investing? Well, all investors like a good value. Let me just say the good news is that we write about this all the time. We speak about this frequently. We podcast about this topic. It’s easy to find our thinking on this. But in short, what we like most are the managers we invest in who know how to pursue growth stocks at discounted values or value stocks with growth opportunities.

It’s not an either/or. It’s really a blend of both across capitalization ranges—large, mid, small, domestic and foreign—that makes considerable sense to us. We want to be able to own what we think are the best ideas inside of our given portfolios, and we think that there are plenty of good opportunities on both sides of the ledger, be it value or growth.

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*Webinar recorded after the market closed on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

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