Frequently Asked Investment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adviser Investments?

Adviser Investment Management, Inc., founded in 1994, is an independent, personalized money management firm dedicated to serving individuals, trusts, institutions, and foundations. Adviser specializes in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. The firm currently manages over $4.0 billion for more than 3,500 clients nationwide. Our minimum account size is $350,000.
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What is Braver Wealth Management?
Effective February 1, 2017, Adviser Investments joined forces with Braver Wealth Management.

The combined firm retained the Adviser Investments name and added Braver’s expertise in financial planning services and tactical strategies to Adviser Investments’ decades of experience building investment portfolios driven by the talents of a select group of active equity and fixed-income mutual fund managers. This merger allows us to leverage each firm’s talents and resources to advance our mission of providing institutional-quality asset management to a wide range of individual clients.
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Who's managing my money?
Daniel P. Wiener is Chairman and Founder of Adviser Investments. He also edits the Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. Dan is widely recognized as a leading independent authority on Vanguard funds. His views and opinions appear regularly in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s and on CNBC and PBS Nightly Business Report.

James H. Lowell III is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer with Adviser Investments. An author of Smart Money Moves and Investing from Scratch (Penguin, USA) and editor of the Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor newsletters, Jim is a long-time expert on Fidelity funds. You may have seen his insights in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and the Boston Globe, or on CNBC, Fox News, and PBS "Nightly Business Report".

Chris Keith is Senior Vice President and Fixed Income Manager at Adviser Investments, bringing with him 20-plus years of experience in the fixed-income markets. He is a key voice in the firm's investment committee. Chris joined Adviser Investments as the result of a merger with Kobren Insight Management. Previously, Chris was a Vice President in the Private Client Services Group of Robertson Stephens in Boston, where he designed and implemented fixed-income portfolios for high-net-worth clients. Before Robertson Stephens, he was a Vice President of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in Boston, where he was the head fixed income trader for the New England region. 
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What are the advantages of working with Adviser Investments?

  • Active portfolio management led by mutual fund experts, Daniel P. Wiener and James H. Lowell III
  • Dynamic bond strategies with Chris Keith
  • A personalized investment strategy
  • Unbiased, independent advice on mutual funds, ETFs and individual bonds. We don’t have an axe to grind; our first and only loyalty is to you—our client
  • Vigilant, professional monitoring of your investments so you can enjoy your nest egg
  • Quarterly reports and reviews
  • High-level service from your own personal portfolio executive, who knows you, your objectives, and the appropriate funds to meet them
  • Adviser Investments is a firm where your concerns are as important as your returns™. If you ever wish to discuss your account, a member of your portfolio team will always be available to speak or correspond with you, even on short notice.
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How would my account relationship with Adviser Investments work?
When you're ready, you designate us to manage your account by giving us limited trading authority. Your account remains in your name. Your money is always available to you. In fact, we never take possession of your assets.

Based on the risk and asset allocation strategy you help us design, we make the investment decisions for you. We do not notify you of every trade before it's made (which enables us to respond to opportunities more quickly), although your custodian will issue a trade confirmation the day after each transaction is executed. We also send you a comprehensive report summarizing your returns and your holdings with us on a quarterly basis.
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Is Adviser Investments affiliated with the fund companies it follows?
As a privately owned firm, we are completely independent of Vanguard and Fidelity, and all of the other fund companies we follow. Consequently, we accept no commissions or compensation of any kind. Our investment process integrates a disciplined asset allocation strategy with our objective, unbiased investment analysis to determine the most effective strategy for each client. Again, our first and only loyalty is to you.
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Who makes the investment decisions for my portfolio?
Our investment committee, Dan Wiener, Jim Lowell and Chris Keith, makes the ultimate decision regarding how your portfolio is constructed. The process involves both economic and market analysis to determine the most effective allocation of your assets. Actual fund selections are made after a careful review of each fund manager’s track record, discipline, and actual fund holdings. Your portfolio executive will serve as your liaison to make sure the underlying strategy for your portfolio is appropriate for your needs at all times.
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What is your minimum account size?
Our services are most appropriate for investors with at least $350,000 in investable assets.
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How do I establish an account with Adviser Investments?
To get started, simply fill out the confidential application and questionnaire. Or better yet, give us a call today at (800) 492-6868, and we'll walk you through the process.
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